December 2014

In an ideal world, I’d be sitting in my favorite place of our warm living room, having my coffee, watching the snow out of the window while writing this post. HOWEVER,

I am just procrastinating although I have tons of laundry to catch up on, tons of ironing following the laundry session. Also a full dishwasher is waiting for me and our home really needs dusting and to be vacuumed. Do I need to say I have to cook?

December was long. I don’t know why but it felt so looong. Maybe I was mostly at home because it was really cold. So get ready for a looong post.

As I was mostly at home last month, I had the chance to complete a few things that had been waiting for me. As one my goals is to spend more time crafting this year, I made a dreamcatcher for my sister. I also made cupcake toppers, and a few simple stuffs. Doing such things is like meditation to me and I love it. 

I was also in the kitchen and tried a few recipes for the first time. I cooked pumpkin dessert for Mr. T and it was horrible, unfortunately ended in bin. But my black rice recipe turned out great. Especially, the black rice salad was amazing. Along with these, I tried sweet potato for the first time. Although it looked really delicious, it wasn’t my cup of tea, neither was it Mr.T’s. I have a few left and I’m going to try a soup recipe next time. 


I tried to eat healthy but this time of the year, you know… Winter season, your mobility lessens, you are at home and you try to find happiness in sweets. Yes, I tried to eat healthy but also these happened, too. 

While eating these sinful delights at home on our couch, we didn’t forget to watch movies. In fact, we saw a great deal comparing to previous months. First we finished the first season of The Leftovers. It’s now my second favorite TV show of all time, after Six Feet Under. I saw De Rouille et D’os, L’affaire Farewell, Frozen, IDA while Mr. T was pushing the edges of overtime working. But we saw Gone Girl together. And early January, we saw Lucy, Madagascar, Boyhood and Predestination. Boyhood is, as I expected, an amazing movie and I hope it gets what it deserves during the Oscar season and if you want a total mindfuck, feel free to watch Predestination. It’s also a really good movie.

And the end of the month, the new year. We were suppossed to celebrate new year in Istanbul with my sister and friends but the weather didn’t let us. So we spent a tete a tete new year’s eve and hit the road the next day. I was a bit sick and afraid to feel worse but everything was fine. We were again mostly at home and enjoyed our time indoors. I’ve shot a few videos and in coming days I’m going to edit them. That will be our second video. 

photo 2 (13)

photo 2 (12) photo 5 (3)

Aaaaand we got back home and I think this explains why I have a luggage-full laundry. Now I really have to go and organize this house and cook a little bit.



2 thoughts on “December 2014

  1. In an ideal world, I would be having quality time with my kid while also pursuing my career in the best way I could. Though frankly this is very challenging and as of now, I am not particularly excelling in either or both.

    I love bell peppers! :) I like to slice them in half and put some cheese on them, then fry them.

    Sweets are very tempting especially during these days colder days. You look adorkable in your winter clothes (and panda hat!) :D And oh, in an ideal world, there will be winter here in my ever-tropical country. :))

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