5 thoughts on “Wise Words

  1. This quote rings to me. It’s not that I’m experiencing this state but I’m just new to this job and just on my second day, someone already told me that as “they” can see, I am weak with rapport. I honestly feel somehow bitter because can’t I be initially un-talkative on my second day? Somehow, I feel wrongly judged.

  2. Seriously? On the second day? Wow, what a total professional! A man once told me years ago that in business life EQ is everything eventhough you’re intelligent as hell. You have to learn to ignore them because they’re everywhere in life. I feel sorry for these people.

  3. Yeah, on the second day. I am trying to cope since I do really want the job and I think that maybe it’s just an initiation thing for my boss? maybe she was trying to intimidate me when she said that? She hired me anyway so I should really just try my best :D

  4. People are weird especially in business life. I had to deal with many assholes while I was working and I was just about to lose my shit, then I quit :) You need to focus on positive things no matter what your boss says.( unless it’s insult or abuse, then sue her :) ) It’s super hard but if you want the job or need the job so badly, you need to do so. Because in the end, you’re working your ass off, you deserve the money you earn and you want to do this job. People like to talk shit. We just need to learn not to take it personally because it’s kind of a hobby for them.

  5. Yes, sadly people just become a little bit more difficult in an office setup (and it could be that I’m included). Because once you work, everyone will eventually want to be promoted, want a salary increase, but the management is not always fair And it could be that only one would climb the ladder and then you start to feel that everyone changes; that even old friends could start to kindle resentments towards you. And it’s just sad.

    But then, I’m just very new in my job. I am hoping for better things. :)

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