My kinda Burgers


First of all I have to say this recipe is totally made up by me with our leftovers in the fridge. As a result I have no idea about measurements. I didn’t have any fresh herbs at home at the time and it was snowing like crazy outside, i couldn’t move my ass so i couldn’t add any. But either way it turned out great. You can add anything you want i suppose. 

I always left a little piece of every vegetable that i steam (i think we all know why we need to steam our veggies instead of boiling it?). I usually use them for my smoothies for the next day or eat them in another way in lunch. So, some steamed broccoli and cauliflower were left from the previous day. I added 1 potato (boiled), 1 egg, 1 onion, bell peppers (roasted with onion), spices and some parmesan cheese. Et voilà. The easiest thing to make. I stored them in freezer after i wrapped them individually. They can stay frozen up to 3 months. But still, some fresh herbs and maybe corn would have made its taste better. Also a carrot would be nice. 

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