five things j’adore

Dreaming of spring, good weather and sunshine in these gloomy winter days. Who doesn’t do that? Nowadays I do it often. 

This year I have AGAIN a love for purple. I’m even thinking dying my hair purple. (I mean a dip dye maybe?) Every shade of purple is acceptable for me. I don’t know if I’ll have the courage but at least I’ll be courageous enough to wear bright purple for sure- like this Md-long Lapels Cocoon Coat. 

I’ve always said to myself, the day I have the perfect body, I’ll buy a pair of skinny white jeans and wear it all the time. Guess what? I have it now. I have the perfect body. It might not be perfect for you but for me it’s excellent. And I don’t care if someone doesn’t like my curves because I love them. I love my body and I feel happy, beautiful and comfortable in my own skin. This is one of the hardest but the best thing I’ve learnt in my life: To know and love my body. So I’m not postponing my snow white skinny jeans this spring and buying one like these in Mango.

I don’t need and want sunglasses. I have my favorite of all time and not planning to buy another. But sometimes different models draw my attention like this Prada.

And this reversible clutch is amazing though I’ve never been a clutch person. But I’ve always been a great t-shirt fan so much that I sometimes wear my husband’s. Because he has the bests. This t-shirt with big eyes print is only $14.

I can carry this super cool brain candle with me to everywhere instead of a cluth.


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