lonely girl pancakes

The title sounds a bit cruel. But it’s the truth. Lately, I’m the lonely breakfast, lunch and also dinner girl. But also the title is borrowed from this beautiful blog (The recipe is, too).

I tried a vegan version of this recipe as it was on my list of 12 Recipes. Normally in turkish kitchen, we do not use “Cup” as a measurement. We have Gram and Liter. So I converted the measurements and doubled them because I also wanted to eat these pancakes as a snack during the day and left one or two for Mr. T. 

So the ingredents are; ☻1 ripe banana ☻65 gr flour☻125 ml almond milk☻2 tsp baking powder

I didn’t add any sugar. I think the ripe bananas were sweet enough. I’ve made six pancakes. It’s actually enough for breakfast for two. But as I said I doubled the measurements. I also didn’t use any oil. (except a piece of butter for the pan). Really good, delicious and quick breakfast for those who have sweet tooth in the morning or for who crave sweets like me. 

5 thoughts on “lonely girl pancakes

  1. These days, I’ve been eating pancakes for breakfast via the fastfood chain across our office. Though honestly it’s mainly because I don’t have much spare time to stay longer at home to even eat breakfast there :( I would love to taste that pancake! Maybe I’ll ask my husband or my sister to make one (since I am very very very lazy at cooking)

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  3. This is super easy and super quick but if you have the chance to make someone cook for you, take this opportunity!

  4. Oh wow I love your version of the Lonely Girl Pancakes, a bit of a depressing title I know ;) Hope you enjoyed them!! xx

  5. I loved them! They are great. Thank you for the recipe. And I’m going to try your version next week with my sister. I’m sure they’ll be beyond delicious. :)

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