January 2015

January was… cold. So fucking cold. And no it was not because of the snow. The sunny days were the coldest. I can not go out without my beanie or my gloves even for a quick run to the market. But well, we’ve signed up for this. I want the moisture free sunny days of Ankara back as soon as possible.

Yes I hate winter, I hate cold but I love January because of Mr. T’s birthday. And this year he has celebrated it twice. When we were in istanbul we had a lovely surprise pre-birthday dinner and just like last year, we celebrated it at home together for the second time on the day. This year he had the coolest birthday cake.

 As it was cold as fuck, I spent the days mostly at home. So,I might have been a little obsessed with our home. As a result, I wanted to change all of our furnitures. Every room. Everything. After a while, I figured out that it was kind of impossible and needless and I decided to make little rearrangements starting with my favorite place, our book case. 

When you have to stay at home during cold and snowy days, you spend some time in the kitchen and so did I. I tried a few new things in January. I made veggie burgers, vegan pancakes, tofu chips and cracked wheat pilaf with cream. All of them are delicious and I’m totally going to cook them again except tofu chips. They were horrible. So now, I have just 2 recipes to try from my 12 Recipes List: Falafel and Liège Waffles and I can not wait for the waffles!

Last month I mentioned that I was really happy with the comforting company of desserts and sweets. I don’t know if it’s because of winter, cold or spending time alone but I crave for sweets everyday now. In fact, after every meal. So this month I’m going to take steps and find a way to get rid of this before it becomes an habbit. In my 33 things list, one of my goals is to spend a sugar-free month and I have  no idea how this is going to happen. So I’ve made strict rules about this problem starting from this month.

If these sweet sins are ignored, I can say we ate healthy. We managed to keep our “Fish Sunday” tradition and ate fish once a week. I was generally alone at dinner time so I could try weird but healthy meals. Breakfasts are always the best. After working out in the morning, with that desire to be healthy, I always eat the perfect breakfasts. ( I go quite well during the day but I fuck up in dinner…)

And we didn’t miss a few sunny and bearably cold days and took advantage of them with short walks and a few date nights.

copuuWe had a hamburger and movie date last saturday and we saw Whiplash. It’s an impressive movie with its original but at the same time kind of cliché script. I still don’t know how to feel about the movie. I liked it. The issue, the acting, everything. But the thing is, I wasn’t really into it and I think it was because right now there’s not much thing in my life that I’m super passionate about. But this movie really made me think about everything. I was not really “reading” the movie while watching but then I understood that It’s the kind of movie that strikes you after a while. And though I haven’t seen all of best picture Oscar nominees, my personal Oscar belongs to Whiplash because I love everything that makes me “rack my brain”.

Last month we’ve also seen The Imitation Game and The Theory of Everything (⇒best actor winner).  In alone evenings, I’ve seen The Judge (⇒best supporting actor) and About Time. January as also efficient when it comes to my Truffaut Challenge. I’ve seen Fahrenheit 451L’histoire d’Adèle H.La Mariée était en Noir and Les Deux Anglaises et le Continent. There’s something soothing about Truffaut movies. I love watching them.


Also we started to watch Breaking Bad. Yes again we’re “off schedule” but it was our best option while waiting for Game of Thrones, True Detective and The Leftovers. 

I wish February to be a cosy, warm, satisfying and a happy month for everyone.



3 thoughts on “January 2015

  1. Please rub the back of your new friend for me :) I never saw The Theory of Everything yet since it wasn’t yet shown here in Philippines.

    You know, I have to say there is something evil about dinner.I also find myself eating very unhealthy at night since the start of 2015.

  2. I’ve never seen him again :( It’s really cold here so I hope maybe he’s found a warmer place…
    I also suck at eating health since the start of the new year. I have to shake myself.

  3. I think he’ll be okay :) because cats are naturally clever (and self-centered) to always act on what would be good for them.

    I am planning to go to the gym to make up for the pounds I gained but so far, I am just all plans. My budget would really won’t be able to let me, until my sister finishes her college.

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