House Crush #15

I’ve mentioned before we’ve been watching Breaking Bad. On sunday, we started to watch season 4. Though all the people around us and the whole world had already seen it, I will not give any spoilers but in any case do not read this post if you haven’t seen it yet.

So what is the deal of a house crush post with watching Breaking Bad? Well, an enormous amount of money is in question in this series and every time we see it, we can not help it but dream about having that amount of money and what we’d do with it. Yes, we travel the world and stay in super deluxe hotels and everything. Yes, he buys all his dream cars and sets a gallery. But to be honest, my dream is to buy a house in the south of France. A big, historically old but renovated farm house, like this one below. It’s in Gordes, one of the amazing villages in south of France, in department of Vaucluse. It is surrounded by ancient olive groves, lavender fields and fruit gardens. 

It’s from 18th century and completely renovated, ready for living with its 300m² space. There is the principal house along with the guest room near the swimming pool and a studio place. 

If we had 2.800.000 € or $3,208,066, this amazing place definitely would belong to us. Even looking at the photos, I can imagine our lives there. I would bear with all the bug situations. I would have cook all day for my 3 kids and husband. I would have 15 guests at the same time. I would wake up to this amazing view with beautiful music every single day. 

photo source

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