five things j’adore

We’re looking for a pendant light for our bedroom as we’re now using a simple chinese paper lamp (I really love its beam spread, It’s great for reading). I had no idea how different and original pendants and chandeliers are nowadays, TILL I threw a glance at them online. Some of them are really a piece of art and to be honest I really didn’t know about pendants other than the ones that Ikea offers where we bought our all lightings. 

I do like the geometric designs and sharp edges but I know that in a bedroom, above the bed, there shouldn’t be a pendant that has sharp points or edges. (Feng shui rules)  Therefore, although I really like #2, #7 and #8, they shouldn’t be in a bedroom. #3 and #1 seem proper and stylish but I wonder how they spread the light as It’s like a naked bulb in the middle of the room’s ceiling. Also #9 is unpredictable because it also reflects light.  #11 gives me the feeling that it’s not heavy and whenever I enter the room, it would give a dizziness because it’d swing by the airflow. But it’s still my favorite after #10, a handmade wood light with natural beads. I have no idea what “natural beads” mean but I know I don’t pay $1.150 for a wooden chandelier. But still, it’s my favorite. 

#4, #5 and #6 seem reasonable though I’m not sure about the last one. I like the style, the colours but maybe it needs a little bit “posher” bedroom than ours. 

I’m happy with our chinese paper lamps but husband and I both think it’s time to pimp our rooms a little bit. We’re not planning to spend pots of money on a pendant but we want a fancy one.



2 thoughts on “five things j’adore

  1. Lovely chandeliers! But yes, the pointed ones look dangerous. As if they’re bobby traps set all over the house and ready to fall to pierce thieves :)

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