february 2015

 If there was a word for February, it’d be lazy. Yes, I was kind of lazy during February and I’m not proud of it. The never ending winter, cold and grey skies combo made me a potato couch last month. I didn’t want to workout, I didn’t want to cook (but i did), I didn’t want to read, I didn’t want to clean up, I didn’t want to study. I even didn’t want to go for a walk. I was mostly at home, doing some arbitrary domestic stuffs.

The month started with a visit to our families and it felt like it had been ages since we last visited them. A brunch on a crowded table and delicious birthday cakes (it was my father’s birthday) are not good choices to start if you pledge to eat healthy and less during that month. But family times are my favorite and I don’t care if I ate too much or anything. But again, it continued like how it started. We ate super unhealthy during the month and we treated our stomachs like a waste basket. 

Except the days of eating horrible and being lazy, I had some friend time and it felt great. Also I’ve recieved my diplome from the college I attended to, here in Turkey. Yes, after 9 years of my graduation, I now have it. With my temporary diplome, I did all postgraduation and job applications so far. But I think It was time to get the real one before its tenth anniversary. 

During the month, we had healthy dinners, which means I cooked. But the problem with me and Mr. T is that we go crazy after dinner. We go out in the middle of the night to get some desserts. Even though we are full, we always look for something to eat while watching Breaking Bad. So I’ve tried oatmeal banana cookies as healthy snacks. They are ok, not finger licking good but sure healthier than my heroin: Cupcakes & cookies.

On February I brought my sewing machine out and I sewed a travel lingerie bag. It was something I wanted to do for a very long time and finally we went to Ikea and bought some fabrics. But unfortunately,  I think I have no talent in sewing. I used to sew clothes for my dolls when I was little but sewing with a machine, for me is not super easy. So I guess I can say sewing is not my special gift but I’m not quiting. I love crafting even though the outcome is not so pleasant, It’s like a meditation to me. I’ll learn by time and get used to it.

And months and months later, Mr. T and I could spend a whole weekend together. It was like a dream come true and we were like kids trying to do everything at once. Breakfasts, walks, shopping, cooking, playing guitar&ukulele. We finally brought our strings out. So if you can spend weekends with your loved ones, please realize the worth. 

On January, I was willing to see 50 Shades of Grey but now I want to see Into the Woods despite the low ratings and weak comments. I was able to watch the Oscars and the night before we saw The Birdman. I can say it totally deserved the best picture oscar. I also saw The Interview. I’m ashamed to say that but I liked it. I don’t like James Franco or Seth Rogan but they did made me laugh. We’re still watching Breaking Bad. The fourth season is about to over and I don’t know what we will do after because we’ve become fans of Mr. White.

I was really really really lazy and I didn’t read properly. So far I’ve read The New York Triology, Un Homme Qui Dort and Being Dead. All of them were really not easy to read and were gloomy novels. So I’ll start to read more easy ones in coming months.

So starting from this month, I’m back to my monthly goals because I need to be on track. Enough with the laziness. So this month I will;

♦Cut the junk food. (cupcakes, cookies, pastry…)

♦Workout regularly 

♦Read 2 books


♦Start the spring cleaning with the kitchen

 I hope to see the sun more this month, I miss the sun. I miss summer.

2 thoughts on “february 2015

  1. I think mine is because of boredom and loneliness. Husband’s is because of, well, me haha. But I’m doing well lately.
    The Interview is great! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Even though I don’t like James Franco, he makes me laugh.

  2. Me and we too. We’ve been also treating our stomach like a waste basket. Maybe because of stress? I haven’t watched Into the Woods yet but I definitely will because of CHRIS PINE! :D We’re also planning to see The Interview because we love James Franco especially on their This is the End hahaha :)

    I wish us all the best of luck in eating healthier this time.

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