five things j’adore

 Again 5 (or more) irrelevant things around the web brought to you by me. Why? Because I like them. This blog is really selfish. 5hings

I started to wear orthopaedic slippers in the house because I’m old enough to be aware of proper footwear. So goodbye cute, sweet but sloppy slippers and shoes. But this 3D Batmobile is amazing. Can they be at least my after bath slippers?

And it says that furry monster clutch would add “playfulness and character to your evening outfit” but I can totally use with my daily outfits? Would that be wrong?

I’m acually in love with Karlsson clocks but this blue wooden clock stole my heart with its colour. So does that confetti chair. And that baby pink Moschino t-shirt would totally look good on me with that monster clutch.

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