I love infographics. I really enjoy them. I have some in our rooms, printed and taped on the walls. The last one was about brushing teeth because lately we have a disagreement with Mr. T about the right way of dental cleaning. Anyway, I really like this one, too because I use all of these herbs in my kitchen. Infact, I use sage to smudge our house once in a while. I’ve seen this here.

2 thoughts on “Herbs

  1. You know, here in my country, you can only usually find parsley, chives, and mint on major supermarkets. For the rest, they’re usually available on those exclusive ones with membership fees.

    I like mint on lemon water, even if it easily wilts. :)

  2. Really? But I know that you have very interesting and delicious looking cuisine.
    You must plan a vacation to Turkey one day. Just for the herbs :P

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