March 2015

I wrote here before that everytime I write a monthly review, I always look back at previous years. Things we did, places we visited, books I read, my hair, my look, my thoughts… And everytime I feel glad that I keep writing and didn’t quit blogging. It’s been an amazing journal for us so far and I’m really happy with it. Knowing that maybe one day our kids might look up here makes me smile and pursue.

Speaking of previous years, only 2 years ago we were living in a different city, working differently, looking totally different. Different concerns, different life plans… It feels like it was 10 years ago although it’s been only 2 years. 

After a short trip to our parents in the beginning of the month, I have to say there weren’t many actions during March. Apart from the night we went to the theatre to see MACBETH. We really wanted to make it a monthly habit but finding theatre tickets is really a pain in the ass in this city we live. I felt like a teenage girl while I was buying the tickets online who tries for One Direction concert tickets. But anyhow I managed to buy nice places for the play before weeks! We both have seen some plays while we were students. In fact we even saw operas- Carmen and Madame Butterfly- (maybe we were in the same hall, unaware of each other ) but we both have never seen a Shakespeare play before. So this was the first time. Yes I know, what a shame. But better late then never. Though we like the play, I always believe classics -no matter what- should be treated in their original language. I’m sure we might understand nothing because of Shakepeare English but still. 

Oh and the night which we went to watch Cinderella in the movie theatre. Yes we did. Actually I did want to see the movie because the 14 year girl inside me was screaming. And my lovely husband didn’t want to hurt her and came with me. We were 8 people in the theatre in the middle of the night; 2 little girls, their mothers and another weird couple like us.

As we declared 2015 as a year of “regeneration“, we started our dentist appointments that we put on hold for months now. Which is scary and quite expensive. I felt like a grannie who is aware of outside world when I heard the costs. 

Along the month, the sun didn’t disappoint me and showed up considerable times. But the day light saving practise really wears me off. I still couldn’t adjust and it’s getting harder and harder each year. But this is not a drawback for me when I feel sunnier days and the spring are around the corner. I automatically start to feel more blissful and eager when I have the sunshine in my days. So “things” I’ve been postponing for a very long time are on my to-do list now and I started to cross them out one by one.

Last month I set some plain but essential goals for myself and I’m proud that March has been a way more active month than February. I worked out regularly  Started the spring cleaning ✓. Cut the junk food ✓ We really started to eat healthy even if we ate desserts after every dinner (which I bake). Believe it or not, I got the results immediately. I started to feel more energic and less bloated. My skin looks really better even my neighbour said there’s a glow on my face. And my stomach is feeling great. We went out with friends last saturday night and I could drink 1 lt beer without water (which relieves my stomach pain when I drink beer). I’m feeling good and ready for spring!

I didn’t read 2 books but I’ve almost read 600 pages last month so I’m glad. I’ve read The Book Thief and watched the movie with Mr. T. Despite many, many, MANY differences in comparison with the book, the movie was quite nice. So I cross one book out of my 2015 Book Challenge. I started to read Dead Souls, a russian classic. Lately I’m really into everything “russian”. We hope to visit there one day (when it’s not super cold). 

I have my April goals as well. As I said, maybe they seem plain but they keep me on track;

∇Keep eating clean and healthy

∇Workout 3 times a week 

∇Read at least 500 pages 

∇Take online classes (with my latina sweetheart

∇Make a collage

∇Continue spring cleaning

∇Have another theater date night with my husband

∇Have another friends night out

∇ Have a hair change

Not sure about the last one but I’ll be thinking about it. I hope we all have an amazing month and sunny days 

5 thoughts on “March 2015

  1. Thank you. “Clean Desserts”? That what’s I really need right now! I really liked your blog.

  2. I’ve seen the Book Thief but haven’t read the book though. Yes, it’s a great film! I felt bad for what happened to Rudy; he’s my favorite character in the film. When I watch these Nazism-related films; I feel grateful that we are not in that age anymore (though we, in Philippines, had never been in that stage but we were colonized for more than a century hence so many killings & rape).

    You also look great btw in your old blonde hair :) I’ve been wanting to change my hairstyle and have a pixie cut but I gained 3 kg. in a span of 2 weeks. Yes, it’s so depressing.

  3. I think we’re living in an age more violent and cruel. All things are just done secretly in the name of “something”. Sometimes I wish the end to come and I hope all human kind to be exterminated somehow.

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