April 2015

What a month… Sunshine, snow, sickness, cold, surgery, guests… When I try to look back at the beginning of the month it feels like it’s been 3 months and to be honest I really can’t remember early April days precisely.

We went out with our friends on the first saturday night of April and the next day I woke with an awful sore throat. Well, the price I pay for singing my heart out in a crowded club. The following week I tried to heal myself, failed and the next week, I gave up and I surrender myself to medication WHICH didn’t work out so well. Plus, I went to our dentist appointments with that throat and I had my root treatment in just one session WHICH was a mistake and I had to take another box of antibiotics after that. So yes, to sum up I was a little sick and cheerless during the month.

And after two weeks of my viciousness, my husband had a surgery. He had been planning it for years but didn’t have the guts or the time until last month. He had a nasal problem -deviated septum- and finally had the operation. I’m so proud of him because he’s keeping his resolutions he made in new year and this operation obviously was one of them. Now he’s doing great, still not fully recovered but started to see the good results.

But the best part of this operation was he was at home with me for full five days and it was great! We were not out and about, stayed at home mostly but actually this was what we needed. He misses to be at home, I miss him and it was a good opportunity for us to enjoy some cosy home time. And this is how our new addiction began: We’re playing cards like crazy nowadays. After our backgommon marathon, now we started to another one.

Spending time at home, playing cards, watching series and TV with your husband may lead you to eat like shit inevitably. But now we are recovering from this situation and back to our routine: More protein, too little carbs, more greens, less donuts and cupcakes. Thankfully I started to swim again after the sickness and I’m feeling goooood.

April was not a productive month as I hoped it to be. I had my goals and some of them were impossible for me. I couldn’t eat fully healthy✗, couldn’t work out 3 times a week✗, have another theater date night with my husband✗ or couldn’t make a collage✗. BUT, we had a friends night out ✓(which brought me a nice pharyngitis), continued to spring cleaning✓, had an hair change ✓ (oh yes!), started to online classes✓ and read more than 500 pages✓

I have my hair dyed at last. After hesitating for almost 2 years, I finally did it. I now have ginger red hair. I have been a fake ginger for years back to college and I loved it. I was thinking about ombré hair but seriously, when I go out I see that 9 women of every 10 have ombré hair, all kinds, all shades and sorry but it’s so “banal” now. That’s my opinion, if you’re still loving it, keep it or have it done. For me, Adios ombré. My hair looked a bit darker than I expected at first but now I have the exact shade I wanted and I’m happy with my new hair.

I’ve finished reading Dead Souls by Gogol this month and read another book from my challenge. A book that has been waiting for 250 years in your bookshelf: Anima Mundi by Susanna Tamaro. And started to another one just yesterday. A book with a one-word title: The Beach by Cesare Pavese. This is the second book I’m reading of the Italian author. The first one was Among Women Only and I really liked it. I’m really interested with Cesare Pavese’s life and definetely planning to read his biograph.

So this month I again have goals, beginning with my eternal goal:

⇒Eat clean&healthy

⇒Workout 3 times a week

⇒Read at least 500 pages

⇒Finish the online course I’m taking and get my certificate

⇒Have friends card game date.

⇒Try a new restaurant in the city

I hope May 2015 will be amazing, away from sicknesses, surgeries, cold weather and shitty foods. 

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