30 Day Movie Challenge

I’m not paying attention to this blog lately I know, but I really can’t find the time (yes, eventhough you don’t have a day job and kids you can still be busy) and to be honest I’m kind of offline recently. And to tell the truth, I’m loving it. Actually for the last couple of years I’ve been offline big time. I don’t have a Facebook account, I check Twitter and Instagram as a pass time activity (in the bathroom), the times I spent online are mostly on Pinterest and I sometimes have daily reads after breakfast. Anyway, I’ve come up with this challenge a few days ago on this blog and I decided to do it. It will be a good reason to drop by here and write something.

Day 01 Your least favorite movie

Day 02 The last movie you watched

Day 03 Your favorite action/adventure movie actor/actress

Day 04 Your favorite horror movie

Day 05 Your favorite drama movie

Day 06 Your favorite comedy movie

Day 07 A movie that makes you happy

Day 08 A movie that makes you sad

Day 09 A movie that you know practically the whole script

Day 10 Your favorite director

Day 11 Your favorite movie theatre

Day 12 Your favorite animated movie

Day 13 Your favorite book to movie adaptation

Day 14 Your favorite quote from any movie

Day 15 Your favorite scifi movie

Day 16 The best movie you saw so far this year

Day 17 The best movie you saw during last year

Day 18 A movie that dissappointed you the most

Day 19 Your favorite actor 

Day 20 Your favorite actress

Day 21 The most overrated movie

Day 22 The most underrated movie

Day 23 Your favorite character from any movie

Day 24 Your favorite documentary

Day 25 A movie that no one would expect you to love 

Day 26 A movie that is a guilty pleasure

Day 27 Your favorite classic movie

Day 28 The movie with the best soundtrack

Day 29 A movie that changed your opinion about something

Day 30 Your favorite movie

One thought on “30 Day Movie Challenge

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