Movie Challenge Day 05

Your favorite drama movie

I -again-remember, in fact, can not forget the day I saw this movie. It was a fall day in 1998. I was doing my favorite thing: Going to the movies alone. I always loved solo cinema times. I sure enjoy my loved ones company but seing a movie alone is my  kind of thing. Anyway, I had just finished my class and I still had time to go back home. So I decided to to go see a movie (alone) as always. And I remember going out of the cinema; feeling puzzled, vulnerable (I was 16) and at the same time amazed. Because of my teenager phase, this movie totally had gotten under my skin. I just now realised that maybe Isa is the reason I love short hair so much. I don’t know. One thing I know, this movie is absolutely one of the best movies I’ve ever seen about (female) friendship, relationships and life. And smoking. Find it and see it.

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