Movie Challenge Day 07

A movie that makes you happy

The questions of Day 7 and Day 8 can not have a one title answer. For me, this is impossible.  But when I think of the movies that left a delighted feeling and a smile behind, they are mostly Wes Anderson movies. Each of them creates a sense of visual festivity and each character persona is so unique and quirky, you can’t not help it but admire them. So every Wes Anderson movie makes me happy and makes me live in a Wes Anderson world. It’s like Disney World but instead of Mickey Mouse and Friends, you have cooler and more adorable characters 


3 thoughts on “Movie Challenge Day 07

  1. For me, it has to be Star Trek! I couldn’t stop smiling when I first watched the remake because more than my love for sci-fi, there is Chris Pine! <3

  2. Try Wes Anderson movies, they’re far away from sci-fi but I’m sure they’ll put a big smile on your face :)

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