May 2015

May 2015 was… fast. So fast, I can’t believe It’s already June. When you don’t work and spend your days mostly alone, “speedy” months are kind of rare. .. I have to tell it first; yes, the weather is weird, yes, sun is missing and this really pisses me off. While dreaming about pool and sunbath, winter coats and working heating is what I got last month. So May was fast and partially COLD.

Early May, my sister, her husband and her mother-in-law from Germany have come to visit us in Ankara. We spent 3 great days together. They were in Ankara last year, in new year time. It had been awhile since we hosted these precious guests in our place.

The following weekend was Mother’s Day. This time we paid a visit to our parents. We had a delicious dinner at Mr. T’s parents and a nice breakfast with mine. Family time is always the best.

And the following weekend was Christian’s birthday. Therefore we went to Istanbul for the birthday party. It was a super nice night with friends & family and an amazing catering. I again want to wish him a very happy birthday and lots of happines to him and my sister ♥

The last two weekends of May, we were at home FINALLY. We enjoyed cosy home time by rewarding ourselves with the pleasure of high carb breakfasts and dinners. By the way, I completed my 12 Recipes by making Liège waffles last weekend. No regrets. We burned off those calories with a little shopping for summer. Summer shopping has always been my favorite. I’m totally happier when buying “light” t-shirts and summertime sneakers, rather than buying boots or beanies. So, the summer wardrobe has opened its doors at last.

With full throttle spring cleaning, we are now ready for summer. All rooms, all closets and all drawers are clean now. Though I now have a little backache, it was worht it.

You might have noticed that I’m doing a Movie Challenge nowadays. I did a lot of challenges before, like 30 Day Photography Challenge, 30 Days of Truth and 30 Songs of 30 Days. Now when I read, it’s like another person has written some of them. It’s crazy how one can think differently and can change just in a couple of years. Yes, 30 Day Movie Challenge, the current one. I was thinking that would be a bad idea but I loooooove doing it. With this challenge not only I had the chance to know really nice blogs but also felt like travelling through time. I’m not kidding. I felt like it’s been 50 years or something since I saw some of the movies. I noticed I forgot the majority of them. I also noticed I’ve neglected lots of good movies . And once again, I noticed there’s won’t be enough time to see every good movie, to read every good book and to listen every beautiful song.

With the love of this challenge, we wanted to re-watch some of cult movies with my husband. Actually he’s also doing this challenge with me. In May we saw The Late Quartet, The Return, The Shining and 50 Shades of Grey(yes we did). I don’t know if I mentioned it before or not but we watched the first season of Mozart in The Jungle and it was amazing. But the second season will come out in 2016. Meanwhile Game Of Thrones nights are going on.

I had goals for May as far as I remember: Eat clean&healthy ✓Workout 3 times a week ✓Try a new restaurant in the city ✓ BUUUT,  Read at least 500 pages ✕ Finish the online course I’m taking and get my certificate ✕ Have friends card game date ✕

Last month after I had finished reading The Beach, I’ve read Listen, Little Man! by Wilheim Reich. From my reading challenge ( challenge this, challenge that, I know…) I’ve choosen Wilheim Reich’s book to read as a book by an author you’ve never read before. Now that I’m reading The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People.

In June, I want to, ♦Finish the online course and get my certificate. ♦Again, eat healty and swim at least 3 times a week. ♦Read more than 500 pages. ♦Sunbath because today my doctor told me that my vitamin d level is low again according to my test results. ♦Finish the movie challenge and watch all beautiful movies that I’m planning to watch.

I have a feeling that June is going to be an amazing month. I wish everyone a great month and a great summer 

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