Movie Challenge Day 13

Your favorite book to movie adaptation

Honestly, I realized that I have seen many adaptation movies but I haven’t read that many. I even didn’t know some of them were book to movie adaptations. So from what I’ve got, I think The Magus is my favorite.

First of all, it’s always the same. You read a book, you love it, then they adapt it to a movie, big expectations ⇒ Disappointments.

The Magus will be a disappointment if you watch it without reading it before. To tell the truth you’ll be confused about the point of the movie. Because as the book is much more richer and deeper, the entire idea is there in front of you. But watching the movie first will only make it complicated and pointless.

After I finished reading the book, I was sure that the movie would be super weird because, trying to tell the whole story in 120 minutes would be hard. And I’m sure I wouldn’t like the movie if I had seen it before reading it and I wouldn’t understanda that “It’s magic if you believe it”

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