Movie Challenge Day 28

The movie with the best soundtrack

There’s no possible way that I respond to this question with a specific single answer. So I’ll write the soundtracks that I still listen with great satisfaction.

First of all, there’s Pulp Fiction. That might be the first soundtrack I listened to. And it’s still an album that I can listen entirely without skipping any track. Amazing movie, amazing music. 


   And the day my sister came and told me that she had just saw the movie “Velvet Goldmine” in theaters and it was pure awesome. I was so jealous but now have no idea why I didn’t watch it. Then I remember her bringing home movie’s soundtrack and listening to it on and on, without a break. Still one of my favorite albums. 


   Then I remember watching Romance&Cigarettes and falling in love with the musics. I still listen this album but I must admit, I miss smoking whenever I listen. 

     It’s true that sometimes what makes a great movie is its musics. But when a great story meets with great music, it becomes unforgetable. “The Boat That Rocked” is that movie and this album by far my favorite soundtrack album. 

    And more recently, I have been listening The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty soundtrack. It’s weird because I’ve never thought that I would like a Ben Stiller movie before. But this movie is in my top five list of the movies I saw in recent years. 

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