Movie Challenge Day 30

The end of another challenge. I couldn’t finish it in 30 days but I have my reasons. Also I’ve never finished a 30 day challenge in 30 days before so, no exceptions.

I absolutely loved doing this one. I had seen this challenge in this beautiful blog and a few days ago I noticed that there are other challenges. Not sure whether I’ll do it or not but the 30 Day Book challenge really seems appealing. Thanks to blogs that have done this challenge, I now have a looong list of movies to see. It was a great way to get to know nice bloggers and nice movies. I hope those who read my posts feel the same way.

Your favorite movie

Respect to those who can give a one title answer to this question. Unfortunately, I’m not one of them. I can write tens of movie names here. BUUUUT, if I have to give one, it would be   Les Choristes. For me, it’s a magical, very moving, incredible movie and a perfect source of a good cry despite some clichés.

One thought on “Movie Challenge Day 30

  1. ben bunu izleyip de sevdiğimi hatırlıyorum ama çok hatırlamıyorum. fransa’dan dönerken 20 kilo fazlam için 240 euro almayan -alamayan- air france adamına bu filmi hediye etmiştim.

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