July 2015

July 2015 might topple over my love for September. It was the month I’ve felt so spoiled and lucky. As I continue to my P.T. I wasn’t (and still) allowed to use my arm the way I used to so I was the total queen of the house. No chores, no cooking, just relaxing by the pool, reading and enjoying long summer days with my love. But to be honest, it started to become boring lately. Thank God we have nice plans for August.

We were all out and about during July. We discovered new and beautiful places, parks and restaurants together with Mr.T. We had a religious holiday and had the chance to visit our families. Mr. T. is able to find some time to work out FINALLY. Before dinner, we go out to play in our basketball court (I only watch) or swim in our pool (I only run in the pool as swimming is also not allowed righ now) or go for a walk. And my favorite time of the day is the time we spent in our balcony talking and drinking for hours against our amazing lake view. Yes, life is good. :) And once again, I’m so thankful for all those things I’m able to do with my one and only.

I still want to stay away from my computer and my phone as much as possible and have no intention or desire to do the opposite. So I’m going to keep this montly report short as the previous one. 

In brief, July was super nice. I love summer and everything about summer.

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