Summer Vacation 2015


I think the saddest posts I write here are always the vacation posts. It’s fun to write the memories and post the photos but at the same time kind of depressing because it feels like a dream that you had one night before and now you woke up to reality to write it down. Another beautiful summer, another well spent vacation. I’m grateful that we had health, time and money to have this amazing vacation with my husband. 

This year we were in Marmaris, where we had been five years ago. It was our first vacation together in 2010. This time we chose another hotel; D-Resort Grand Azur Marmaris. First of all, I’m not going back there again. Never. Ever. Because I gained 2 solid kilos in 7 days. The food was A M A Z I N G. I’ve heard that the food is always crappy in five star hotels but this hotel seriously is far beyond. Other than food, the hotel was outstanding overall. So I highly recommend it. 

We spent the first two days at the hotel, then went out for a good swim because the sea was not that good as the food in there. To be honest, it was bad. The beach was ok but the water, no. So we again drove all the way to the coves around as we did just like five years ago. We found our favorite cove in Marmaris. It was just the same; quiet, calm with an incredible beach and sea. 

photo 2 (46)

In our way back home, we decided to stop by Konya, a city that you would never want to take a step again. Actually, we were there because Mr.T wanted to eat a special kebab which is a speciality and meanwhile we got around the city. Big mistake. After the kebab break, we took off. 

Our next stop was The Salt Lake where we’ve been planning to visit since we moved to Ankara. We were told that the lake looks stunning at the sunset so we were there just before it. It was really really nice and beautiful. It felt like Frozen in summer time and I felt like I’m Anna with my Kristoff next to me :) All white and heavenly. 

And after arriving home and spending another week together, we ended our vacation by visiting our parents; the best part of the it.

Now that Mr. T is at work and I’m home alone. It’s ridiculous that I can get used to being together 24 hours a day in 14 days and still can’t get enough of him. Normally we’re not like those couples that do eveything together. Even I don’t work now, I have my own schedule and he has his own but I think the fear of thinking he will dive into a crazy work load makes me nervous. But we’ll get used to that, too as a super crazy year is ahead for both of us. I believe that everything will be great. At least Susan Miller says so :)

Now that I’ll try to edit the shots and make our summer vacation video.

Have a nice end of summer!

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