Respirer Paris

paris is forever

And is sure for lovers…image

Ever since we’ve been together, we always talked about visiting Paris. And finally, we celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary there this year and it was -no wonder- amazing. When could it be a better time to visit the city of lights other than your wedding anniversary? Aside from a romantic getaway, a friend of mine got married there, so it was a really good timing.

To be honest, It was hard for me to believe that we were travelling until we got to the airport. But it happenned; almost 5 hours later, we were in our hotel room in Paris. We stayed in Best Western Diva Opéra. It was an excellent hotel, was comfy, quiet with a modern decoration and also locationally very ideal. It may be a good option if you think visiting there. 

We were there at noon and although Mr. T was feeling a bit under the weather, we started sightseeing immediately. From the very beginning we’re the ultimate tourists. I planned our four days and everything went (almost) according to the plan. This means → Happy me (Yes, I’m a Virgo    ・◡・ )

We tried to see every monument one more time; La Cathedrale Notre Dame de Paris, La Tour Eiffel, Arc de Triomphe de l’Etoile, La Basilique du Sacré Coeur, Palais Garnier, l’Obelisque du Louxor, Tour de l’horloge, l’Eglise de la Sainte-Trinité… But this time, we could also see La Sainte-Chapelle. Somehow in my previous visits, I hadn’t had the chance to visit this beautiful chapel. Likewise, I’ve been in Paris plenty of times but this was the first time for me being there with a professional camera. Thus, it was all about the details and it was puuuure pleasure. 

Our one day was reserved to Disneyland Paris (→My real aim to visit Paris ). I always say I’m a sucker for Disney shit and though it was my fourth visit there, I enjoyed every single ride still like it was the first time.

And even though we were dead tired, we spent half-day in Musée du Louvre→My favorite time. Yes, half a day was not enough but we could almost see the artworks and masterpieces we were longing to see. I’ll talk about them later.

If you ask me whatelse we did in Paris, except the day my friend got married, we walked. We walked God knows how many kilometers. And we ate. We ate at Le Mistral, La Brioche Dorée, Léon de Bruxelles, Trattoria Pizzeria (one of the best pizzas of Paris), Odyssey (great crepes here), Café Kléber, Café Hyperion (Jedi Burgers!). 

It was an incredible vacation for me because Paris is my favorite city in the world and sadly we can’t find enough time to travel together, so visiting this beautiful city with my dear one and celebrating our anniversary was a dream come true♥  Despite the frustrating troubles (unfunctional metro tickets, rude weirdos, been exposed to bizzare manners…).

We have taken nearly 900 photos and It’s time for me to arrange them and make an album. In times I didn’t forget, I’ve shot some videos and I’m editing a Paris video which I’ll post here (Yes all by my iPhone and selfie stick!).

Once again, a dream of mine has come true before 2015 ends. I’m so thankful we had this opportunity. I hope whatever you wish for the most comes true right away, this moment tumblr_mh1gj59XH01rl3x5fo4_250.gif (120×150)

2 thoughts on “Respirer Paris

  1. Hi Fatos, I hope you attain more of your dreams in the coming year. Paris looks splendid! I am sooo jealous because I’ve never been to any Disneyland! hahahaha I wonder what are those “bizaare manners” you were talking about… hehe

  2. It was one of my biggest dreams and I still can not believe it came true. And I hope you see a Disneyland with your beautiful family in the coming year!

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