September 2015

I have a lot to say about September 2015. It’s known by the entire world that it’s my favorite month of the year but this September really outdid itself; Celebrations, travel, road trips, family times,sunny days…

First of all, there was our 4th wedding anniversary and we were lucky enough to celebrate it in Paris. And then came my 33rd birthday. This year a delicious dinner, presents, surprise phone calls and 12 cupcakes were waiting for me. 12 cupcakes! All mine! Husband, I love you!

You might say I’m a little too much excited and I exaggerate when it comes to birthdays but I am who I am and birthdays are special for me. So editing my birthday photos and using emoticons shouldn’t seem excessive. And a little Kawaii didn’t kill nobody. image 

After these celebrations, the followings days were quiet. We benefited from the last sunny days of the year and spent some time at the pool, went out for dinner in warm fall evenings, tried two new burger places, did a little fall/winter shopping,  And at the end of September, we had a full free week to visit our families and friends..

We ate out a lot during August and September so we challenged ourselves not to eat do so until new year time. Because,to tell the truth, during the whole summer we didn’t eat well. I couldn’t cook after my arm surgery, then summer holiday and family visits ruined our healthy eating routine. Now, I’m back in the kitchen and to motivate myself I try new things. I made chia seed pudding for the first time as well as my first home-made latte. Chanterelle mushrooms are also one of the things we ate for the first time and I loved it! Me.imageMushrooms.

During September, we watched, well, I watched quite a few movies compared to previous months. After Paris, the first movie I saw was The Little Mermaid because my body might be here but my heart is still in Disneyland and Ariel is my favorite Disney princess. We saw Easy A, Almost Famous, SuperbadI Origins and The Broken Circle Breakdown. If you want to cry your eyes out, watch the last movie.

It was a slow reading month for me. I finished reading Siddhartha and after that Blind Owl by Sadegh Hedayat. Now I’m reading  Adrift on the Nile by Naguib Mahfouz. 

A few days ago I suddenly remembered that I have my 33 Things Before 33 Challenge which was listed one year ago. Well, I totally forgot about them but succeeded a few like; trying 12 recipes, reading 32 books, visiting a country, advancing in German, having the arm surgery, owning a suit… This year I’m not going to have a one year challenge, I’m too old for this. BUT nevertheless, I’ll set monthly goals for myself. Because having goals helps me to stay inspired, motivated and makes me eager for each day. Even it’s a simple, average one. 

Therefore, here they are; my October goals;

Not to dine out and eat every meal at home

Read at least 2 books

Have a movie date

Go back to my morning routine

Try a new recipe

Have a friends night out or invite them over

Switch to winter closet, go through clothes and donate.

Well, it was a long monthly recap but I said it afore, I had a lot to say about September. I wish everyone a great month, a happy, healthy and fun October!

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