October 2015

NOV 2015

What a month… Started remarkably amazing, ended with lack of energy and hope. But it can be your everyday life if you live in this country of mine.

As I said, October started really nice. It was the month of decluttering so we cleaned our “bits and pieces room” up. It was really really awful that we were not able to even take a step inside. We put aside every single stuff, toys, books etc. and with the clothes from our brutal wardrobe sifting, we donated all to Association for Solidarity with Asylum Seekers and Migrants. This organization can be found in mostly every big city in Turkey and they have wonderful programmes targetting (especially Syrian) refugees. You can find here their office informations all around Turkey.

Now, when I open our wardrobes or pass through our old “junk room“, new “store room“, I take a second, watch and smell all the tidiness and neatness…

 It was like, the weather waited for me to switch to winter wardrobe because as soon as I cleaned up ours, it got seriously cold. We see sun from time to time but it’s really cold outside and the heating is already on. So thank you weather gods for early freezing-ass cold mornings and my common cold.

Order than cleaning and decluttering, we didn’t do much this month. I was feeling down, mainly after October 10th. So we decided to visit our parents in one of the weekends. I was with mine almost one week and we visited my sister in Istanbul. It’s always energizing and euphoriant for me to spend time with themimage

Last month, having a movie date night was one of my monthly goals, so early in the October we had not one but two movie dates with my husband. We watched The Martian and the very next night we saw Sicario. Both of them are full of Hollywood clichés but good movies. The best part was we watched The Martian in my favorite movie theater : The empty one. But the other theater was almost full 潜水了We also watched Blue Is The Warmest Colour and Magic Mike (yes we did!).

As I was feeling a little under the weather lately, I wasn’t eating and reading well. I skipped breakfasts, ate nutella bread in lunch time, again skipped dinners… So my sweet husband took me out to dine and to cheer me up. He took me out to places I love. He bought me a lot of books to motivate me. He came home early even he has so much to do.  Once again, I understood he’s my rock. He’s my everything and always there for me and I love him more than anything in this world…Now as I promised him, I started to eat regularly and I’m tryin to get back to my daily routine.

And when it comes to my monthly goals, although I was not feeling good, I did well.

october goals

Not to dine out and eat every meal at home ✘ Big fail! We almost ate out half of the month.

Read at least 2 books  ✓ I have finished reading Adrift on the Nile by Naguib Mahfouz and Chiaroscuro by Sadegh Hedayat. 

Have a movie date  Not one but two movie dates.

Go back to my morning routine  ✘ I was really feeling blue this month so I didn’t workout, didn’t do my oil pulling or dry brushing etc.

Try a new recipe ✓ I tried banana oatmeal cupcakes, I’ll share the recipe soon

Have a friends night out or invite them over ✘ Honestly, I didn’t want to see anyone except my husband this month.

Switch to winter closet, go through clothes and donate. ✓ 

november goals

Have a theather date night as the 2015-2016 theater season is on and the curtain rises!

Not to dine out. Not even once.

Try a new recipe : We brought back our Fish Sunday routine and I want to try a fish that I’ve never tried before.

Read two books.

Have a movie date night because I want to see the new Woody Allen movie.

Say goodbye to depressed, lazy mornings and go back to my morning routine.

RISE OF THE TOMB RAIDER! Last month I replayed the last Tomb Raider game and finished it 99%! The new game will be released this month and I’m super excited. Here’s the trailer.

Finish reading Body Language 101. I’m reading it slowly because it’s an e-book on my iPad and I hate reading digitally.

Clean out our study room, particularly the desk and the drawers. It’s another world there, believe me…

And save my sanity while living in this crazy country… I wish everyone a peaceful and happy November. 

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2 thoughts on “October 2015

  1. It took me a minute to find the comments section! :) But nice new theme though, this blog is ever-changing as it was when I was still actively present here.

    You know, I also have problems not dining out especially for dinner. My dinner these days are from KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) and it’s super unhealthy but they have this meal called Hot & Cheesy where the chicken is just bathing in creamy & spicy CHEESE!

    I haven’t been seeing friends this much lately. The times I got out is to attend to work or go out with the family. But really, have I been born rich, I would just love to not work my ass off.

  2. I also checked the screen for a few seconds to find the comment section. I think I should change the theme :)
    Where have you been? How is life? Are things going well except your super unhealthy meals? Thank God I don’t eat chicken but you should see the size of the hamburgers I take down :(

    I guess you’re still super busy with the work and as a result super tired? How’s little angel? There’s a saying in my country; “Heaven lies at the feet of the mother”. You remind me of it. You are one badass mom and such an inspiration.

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