Five Things J’adore

It’s been a while since I last shared a Five Things J’adore post. Actually I was not online like I used to be, especially during summer time so didn’t have the chance to share things here as my “fabulous internet finds radar” was mostly offline. So here are five things I lust after lately; 

I really realllly love these kind of quirky stuffs but when it comes to wearing them, I back down everytime. I did wear genuinely weird things when I was younger but over the last few years, my style has become more casual and simple. Sometimes I miss being colourful like the old times… This Poppy Lissiman Moon Bag reminds me my younger ages.

Lately I’m really into candles. I wanted to make a little “candle corner” on our coffe table and was looking for a tray. I know it’s not for candles, is just decorative but Vanagon Tray by Fishs Eddy is also something I want on my coffee table.

Yes, sometimes the little 13 year old girl in me wants everything at home to be pink and fluffy and puffy. But I think I’d use these Macaroon Shape Plush Pillows no matter what. 

I shared here Deny Designs bed sets many times before. (here, here and here) and I’m going to share more and more because they are a m a z i n g. This Night Bloomers set looks great and I want it!

And one last thing to make your pizza game so next level; Bike Pizza Cutter

Have a nice day!

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