December 2015


I don’t know if it’s because of the endless hangover I got or because of my iron deficiency but I really have little to remember about December 2015.

First of all, I must start with my new occupation ; I’ve started a wonderful training program in one of the best universities in Turkey, in METU. It has really keeping me busy since the beginning of the month. Anyway, I’m loving it more and more each day and trying to do my best. Besides I really have nice classmates now with whom I like to spend time. 

Other than studying, researching and homeworks and trying to adapt our new schedule, we spent December mostly indoors. It was cold. There was no snow or rain but pure cold. And in a such like cold weather, we didn’t want to step out, even for eating! So pizza and movie nights can sum up our December evenings. 

During December, I had to deal with a stiff neck and because of it, horrible headaches. And I can’t forget the days I had to spend in bed because of the fever. But I’m ok now. I think the excessive alcohol intake helped me to get over it during new year celebrations.

Except the alcohol part, I can say we did well when it comes to eating. Lately, we’re really trying hard to cut down our sugar consumption and it’s cruelly difficult. We both have new year resolutions for 2016, mostly about our nutrition and working out habits. We’re -again- both aware that we’re at a point in life where we really need to take good care of ourselves. I mean, we’re not getting younger.   

Aaaaand the new year’s day… Such an adventurous day to remember. As last year we were enable to go to my sister’s because of the heavy snow and closed roads, this year we bought our plane tickets in September! Our flight was at 17:25 but we were on the line of the airlines counter to cancel our tickets at 21:50! Then they announced that 17:25 flight was scheduled to 22:05. And we said, “Ok. There’s a great chance we’ll welcome the new year inflight or on the way to my sister’s in the taxi but let’s do this”. We were at home at 23:48, took our coats off and welcomed the new year. Everyone waited for us for the dinner, hadn’t eaten anything so we had our new year dinner after midnight and went to bed at 06:00 in the morning. No need to say drunk, wasted and after (my) throwing up session. And the next days were just like the same, so I was still drunk on Sunday when we arrived home.

So this was our December, our last month of the year and how we said goodbye to 2015. I hope you had a nice month and started to a wonderful year. By the way, If you’re lucky enough, you had recieved our new year card :) 

January will keep us busy too so that I’ve already started planning the month. But there’s a challenge I want to participate here in the blog. You can find it here. Now I really have to go and deal with the messed up house…

Have a beautiful month..


2 thoughts on “December 2015

  1. Demir eksikliğinden mi kaynaklanıyor bilmiyorum fakat benim genel olarak geçmişi hatırlarken zorlandığım anlar olabiliyor. Neyse.

    Baya hareketli geçmiş gece, Mission Impossible filmi gibi :D Neyse ki 12’den önce yetişmişsiniz :) Kar ve sis fena vurdu. Neyse ki Ankara’ya kar gecikmeli dün geldi.

    Challangeı bu cumartesi başlatmayı düşünüyorum :)

    Squidward da baya iyiymiş :D

  2. Valla 2015 giderayak bir de demir eksikliği kitledi bana :) Takviyeye başlayacagım. Kontrol ettirmekte fayda var, en ufak bir şeyin eksikliği/fazlalılıgı bütün vücudu altüst edebiliyor.
    Bitirim taksi şoförümüzü görseydiniz bir de, sayesinde yetiştik :)
    Ya challenge çok fena ben biraz üzerine düşündüm, o kadar çok dizi, o kadar çok karakter vs var ki. Benim için çok zor geçecek.

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