I woke up this morning at 06:50 to make a sandwich for my husband. After he left home, I felt so hungry while I was cleaning my face. I’ve made an avocado breakfast sauce to eat with my omlette. It tasted horrible to me so I put it aside. This was weird because I made it just like the same way I always did so far. Then, I’ve made my omlette and made a burrito with it. After two bites, I threw it away because the same omlette I had been making for days, tasted disgusting to me this time. So I said to myself, “Well, something is wrong with this morning” and I’ve made a coffee despite the fact that I’m really trying hard to cut down my cafeine intake lately. I checked my e-mails, blog and twitter account and then I realised what was wrong with this grey morning. 

 I’ve never been a groupie or a super fan of a celebrity/artist/singer. But there have been and still are many people I admire and appreciate; their art, their lifestyles, their point of view and stand towards life, their mistakes, their courage, even the words they choose while they’re talking. 

I was so jealous of my friend who lives in France and wrote to me last summer that she visited the David Bowie Is exhibition. Likewise, I was so moved once again by a documentry we saw a few months ago about him and read more about the time he spent in Berlin.

I believe there are people who don’t belong to this ordinary world. I believe, they refuse to be part of it and be brave enough to create their own, with a little Stardust. Sometimes when we talk with my husband about these extraordinary individuals, we say we believe they’re aliens. Because they are way far out of this world, too “real” to be true and too dazzling to belong to this boring planet. 
  And seeing them leaving still makes me sad as I haven’t reached the point in my life that I must know and fully believe, death is not a bad thing, it isn’t sad and shouldn’t be upsetting. 

So, farewell The Thin White Duke…


2 thoughts on “10.01.2016

  1. :( Tahmin ettim. Ben sabah hüngür hüngür ağladım. Bu kadar etkilenecegimi asla düşünmezdim. Bildigimiz o güzel dünya yavaş yavaş eksilerek, yok oluyor.

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