TV Series Challenge Day 7-8 and 9

A show you thought you wouldn’t like but ended up loving.

I can write tens of series name here. Or books, or songs, or people… I have a serious problem about first impressions and judgements on which I’m really working hard. Lately I’ve read so much about this issue but well, it’s another story. Back to challenge.

Last year we finished watching Breaking Bad in a considerably short time and after a few episodes, I was still not interested in the story. My husband was totally carried away fom the beginning and I was still watching it because he wanted to. To be honest I’ve found it boring. But somehow, I have no idea how or when this happened, I’ve found myself looking forward for the next episode. 

For me, it was a really heartbreaking story with amazing well-processed characters in it and watching Bryan Cranston, after Malcom in the Middle (yes, I’ve seen it too), was maybe one in a lifetime experience because I think he had proved that he’s one of the few accomplished actors of his time. 

Your favorite show aired this TV season.

Another drug related series: Narcos. It’s unbelievable. We started watching it after mi caliente latina told me about it. It’s about the world famous drug dealer Pablo Escobar and the Cartel de Medellín in Colombia. It’s a true story and makes you remember how evil and corrupt the world we live in was and still is.  I’m dying to read and know more about Pablo Escobar but I don’t want to ruin the “magical realism” that the show has created.

A show -old or new-  you plan on watching.

When I talked about this challenge to my husband, he couldn’t resist and gave his own answers. Before that, my answer probably was going to be Sex and The City because everyone has their own comfort movies or shows and mine has always been SATC. But after starting to this challenge I wanted to watch Six Feet Under again so badly. However I thought I am not able to take all that drama one more time. So I think I’ll give my husband’s answer and start re-watching The Coupling. And ofcourse the original British version.

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