TV Series Challenge Day 14-15 and 16

Day 14 – Favorite title sequence.

It’s truly impossible to answer this question with only one title. So here are my top favorites:

OK. First of all there are really “famous” opening sequences like The Simpsons or Game of Thrones… When I tried to decide my favorites, I realized that I’m mostly into music and the rest is about the visuals. So I mentioned here my choices that are close to a fifty-fifty range.

True Blood. I think there would be no possible song for this show. The visuals definitely project the show’s pattern but are not the extracted scenes. I think this opening sequence is a total success of recent years.

My second favorite; an ongoing show: The Leftovers for Season 1. Because the opening sequence has changed in season 2  and it’s so… lame. Season 1 opening was so impressive and so dramatic with an amazing Max Richter piece. They must be really stupid to change it with a jarring and irritating song (but the visuals are not too bad). →Season 2 opening credits

And my all time favorite: Angel. I know it’s not a masterpiece or a genius sequence but I can’t help it, it’s Angel.

Day 15 Best TV Show Soundtrack.

Grey’s Anatomy. Genuinely great songs, great covers for great scenes. I’ve discovered so many bands and songs thanks to 11 (!) seasons. Moreover, there was a “80s Covers Project” during season 10. I haven’t started to season 12 yet, because the show started to be kind of “Disaster’s Anatomy”; so many misfortunes, so many death and loss of characters. But I’m sure every single episode has beautiful songs. One of my favorite covers↓

Favorite Period Series.

My Mad Fat Diary. I. Love. This. Show. When 2015 was coming to an end, I promised myself that I’m not going to watch any rubbish TV shows. I don’t remember how I came up with MMFD but I’m now glad I did. Why? Because it was set in mid 90’s around teenagers in UK. First I thought it was going to be my guilty pleasure show but no, it was like going back in time to my teenager years. The songs, the fashion, the adolescence struggles, friendship dramas… and band t-shirts. It’s touchy, it’s funny and it’s super nostalgic for those who belong to my generation. 


2 thoughts on “TV Series Challenge Day 14-15 and 16

  1. True Blood ! Diziyi izlemediğimden ötürü seçmedim fakat ben de severim jeneriğini. The Leftovers mevzsunu deşmek istemezdim ama dizinin kendisini sevmesem de jeneriği çok güzeldi. Max Richter geliyor Kasım’da Zorluya. Gitmeyi düşünüyorum ^^ En yakın arkadaşım, ya da erkek jargonuyla kankam diyelim :p Angel’ı çok severdi. Bana da izletmeye çabalardı. Eski günler :(

  2. 4. sezondan sonra ben de izlemedim True Blood’ı. Hikaye saçmalayınca tüm hevesim kaçıyor.
    Angel olsun Buffy olsun gönlümüzde yerleri ayrıdır ya. Final bölümünü daha dün gibi hatırlarım, aynen eski günler, gençliğim…
    Kasım’a kadar kim öleee kim kalaa :P

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