TV Series Challenge Day 18-19-20

Favorite Comedy Series.


Soooooooo many titles, soooo many names to write here. But there were two final names that I couldn’t decide which one I like more or at which one I laugh harder. but I choose the one who has a special place in my heart;
Seinfeld, the show about nothing. 
A wonderful, absurdly genius and funny show. One of the rare shows that gave us the most unique characters in television history. Every single one of them are adorable. But still… Kramer
We might watch this amazing show all over again, like we already don’t have tens of shows to watch in our hands… I miss the Seinfeld world. 

Favorite Mini-Series

One of my favorite dramas of all time; Angels in America.
Even remembering some of the dialogues from this show gives me chills. It’s also a great period show. So touching and so sadly real. By the way, great actors/actresses present great acting in this show but Jeffrey Wright was my favorite from the beginning.

Favorite Sci-fi/Mistery/Action Series

That might be Black Mirror, with its many many WTF moments. I think, It’s a great combination of drama &sci-fi. It really stuns you or annoys you and sometimes is so petrifying that you just want to turn it off, leave it.  It’s so “in your face” that you can not take it.


One thought on “TV Series Challenge Day 18-19-20

  1. Seinfeld’i izlemedim bir şey diyemeyeceğim. Angels’ı geçiyorum yorumsuz :p
    Black Mirror’ı daha önce başka soruda cevap verdiğim için bu soruya farklı yanıt verdim de BM çok iyi dizi gerçekten. Yeni sezon neye benzeyecek merak ediyorum şuan. Cidden bazı sekanslarında insanların sinirleriyle oynuyorlardı fazlasıyla :D

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