TV Series Challenge Day 21-22-23-24-25 and 26

Finally I’m back and back to challenge with my favorite question;

Your guilty pleasure show.

There are tens of names to write here. Actually I can write a whole post about my guilty pleasure shows in categories; My guilty pleasure shows that I don’t think as guilty pleasures anymore, my guilty pleasure shows that I can not tell anyone about, My guilty pleasure shows that I’m not ashamed to talk about… So here are a few of my confessions;


Legend of The Seeker. As a hardcore Xena fan, Legend of the Seeker was what I was looking for back then. It said goodbye after the second season but will stay with me forever. 

And then comes 90210; The ultra super teenager drama. Yess, I’ve seen every single episode and I’m not ashamed of it anymore. 

Seriously , my list is long, you can find The Bachelor, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Hart of Dixie, The Fosters… You just name it.

Favorite Kiss in A TV Show.

My all time favorite kiss beloooooonnnggggsss tooooo; Buffy and Spike.

I’ve always loved Angel but It’s undeniable that I fancied Spike just a little bit more and watching him desperately falling in love with Buffy was horrible. But the show gave the audience what they wanted:

Favorite male character.

Another long list that I can share. Here we go (chronologically); Dylan Mckay, Pacey Witter, Larry Paul, Michael Bergen, Kramer, Greg Montgomery, Dennis Finch, Schmidt, Rustin Cohle… They all made us -me- melt in front of the screen. My first crush was Dylan, the bad boy, from Beverly Hills 90210. Then comes another bad boy from Dawson’s Creek; Pacey. If you watched Ally Mcbeal, you totally know who Larry Paul is ♥. Two Guys, A Girl and A Pizza PlaceBerg. Seinfeld‘s Kramer is someone I want as my best friend. Greg Montgomery from Dharma&Greg. Dennis Finch the ultimate asshole from Just Shoot Me. Lastly, Schmidt from New Girl and Rust from True Detective Season 1. BUT, there’s another male character from one of my favorite TV Shows. He might be my all time favorite, I guess. Kevin Garvey from The Leftovers.

Favorite female character.

Again, I can not give one single answer. Phoebe Buffay from Friends→Another best friend I dream of, Alicia Florick from Good Wife, Carrie Bradshaw from The Sex and The City, Betty Suarez from Ugly Betty, Chloe from Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23, Gloria from Modern Family… But my all time favorite is Xena.

Most annoying character.

I really really really don’t like The Gilmore Girls. I didn’t watch it but saw a few episodes when it was on TV. Lorelai and her daughter might be the most annoying characters of all entertainment world. But then I remembered another irritating character from a TV show I used to watch; Dawn Summers from Buffy The Vampire Slayer. You just want to hit her in the face with a hammer, that’s the kind of feeling she brings to you. Stupid key…

Saddest character death.

The one death that twisted a knife in my chest, Dr. Mcdreamy… Derek Shepherd. That’s when I quit watching Grey’s Anatomy after 11 seasons because seriously, there’s no happiness in this hospital and I don’t want to cry anymore while watching TV.


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