TV Series Challenge Day 28-29 and 30

Final three questions for this challenge. But first I must say, this challenge made me realize that I might have spent most of my youth watching TV series. I couldn’t believe the amount of shows I know or watched. One might think that I’ve sit and watched TV all daaay, every daaaay. But no, I don’t know how but I totally find time to read, to travel, to cook, to clean, to work out, to think, to write, to function in life.

In the beginning of the year, I made a resolution; not to spend my time on trash TV and to be honest  I can not even  find time for it lately so I’ve been doing good. There are really amazing shows airing this season and I want to be super picky about them. 

Favorite series finale.

This question would be easy if it was about the worst series finale. I know there are amazing heartbreaking and agonizing finales but Angel‘s series finale is the one I can not forget. It was sooo “Angel”, so heroic and epic that it might sound crazy but it still gives me chills when I think of it.

A show that disappointed you.

I don’t continue to watch a show if I don’t find it appealing from the first episode. Master Of None was one of them. I saw the first episode, with great expecations and I found myself waiting for the breaking moment that gives you the real taste and the concept of the show but there was nothing. I had read so many amazing reviews about it but it was a total disappointment for me. Maybe I can give it another chance in coming months. 

Best TV Series quote.

The last and the most most most favorite question of this challenge. It’s from  Sex and The City and my all time favorite quote:

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