January 2016

FEB 2016

A lot can happen in a month. Or a lot can seem to happen in a month. For me, January 2016 was in the second category. We didn’t do too much but the beginning of the month seems like ages ago.
We were in Istanbul for the new year and stayed there the following 3 days. We couldn’t do anything except heavy drinking, cooking, dancing in the middle of my sister’s living room and playing rummikub while we were there. When we got back to Ankara, everything also got back to normal. 

To begin with, we celebrated Mr. T’s birthday. Now that we’re in that delicate zone where we do not mention our ages often, we both don’t want super duper birthday parties anymore. So we were again at home, two of us, with a delicious cake and weird birthday photos. 

The following days were dreamy. As it was the beginning of the year, Mr. T was at home mostly, he was not super busy and was able to be at home at dinner time. Me on the other hand, kept (and still) studying for that training programme I mentioned before. Now we have a graduation project to make as a group and it’s keeping us all busy mostly. I feel lucky because I’m not working right now and can concentrate and make time for studying so I’m not complaning. But after a long time, diving into an intense studying process felt strange. Lately, I’m revising my plans about doing a master’s degree.

In addition to that I’m now taking an online class and trying to finish it. As it’s self-paced, I keep neglecting it and I’m not happy about this situation. Because it’s about one of my favorite field; Social Psychology.

January 2016 will remain in my memory as the “white month”. We have been living here for 2 and a half years now and hadn’t seen this much snow since. It was extremely cold but it didn’t keep us back from going out and make a snow Mr. Meeseeeeeeeks♥

As I said, It was really cold and we did what we know best in those cold nights: Plunge into fruits and dried nuts and watch our favorite shows. We finished watching The Leftovers‘ second season. This show is seriously whole another story. I was really touched by the first season but the second was a complete masterpiece by itself. I definetely want to read the book now. 

We also finished the third season of Rick and Morty; another masterpiece. We’re now so looking forward for the new season. Another show I finished watching is My Mad Fat Diary. I wrote a little about this show in the 30 Day TV Series Challenge I’ve done lately. I madly love everything that is made in UK and this show didn’t surprised me. Some might call it a teenage drama but I don’t care. It’s too good to be called a guity pleasure. If you are from my generation, were a teenager in the mid 90’s, this show will totally take you to your teenage years, back to your room and to all that drama and good music.

For the new year, we’ve made some mutual resolutions with Mr. T. One of them is called  “Documentary Wednesdays“. We choose by turns a documentary each week to watch. So far, we only watched two; The Stanford Prison Experiment and Capitalism: A Love Story. Then, we started to watch Making a Mudrerer, a documentary series about Steven Avery. But I’ve made a long documentary list including the recommendations of our friends and the professors from the training programme. 

I, sure, read during January. It’s still my favorite thing but now that I wake up really early 7 days a week, it becomes harder and harder not to fall asleep after 5 pages. I’ve finished reading Lost by Hans-Ulrich Treichel  and Mr. Blanc by Roman Graf. I didn’t like the second book, Mr. Blanc but Lost was really profound. I’ve just started reading You Are Here, A Portable History Of The Universe by Christopher Potter.

It didn’t matter how cold and snowy it was, we still found good reasons to eat out during January. We mostly ate out on weekends as I can’t leave the class before at 18:00, it becomes impossible to cook when I get home. But we did well during weekdays. Almost.

Yes, yes… Everyone takes a photo of their food but I love to take his. “When food is gone he’s my daily meal

I’ve set a few goals for February 2016;
Go back to the pool: I haven’t been swimming for a very long time now but lately my body keeps telling me to go back there. 

Have a movie date night: I want to see The Revenant so badly and give my Oscar to Leonardo.

Finish my online course: It’s a shame I’ve started this new course before I didn’t even finished the pervious one but I’m planning to take  at least 50% of it. 

Change photos&pictures in frames: It’s that time again. I love searching for good prints though.

Hope you are having a wonderful February,


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