February 2016

march 2016

I’ll remember February 2016 with two things; Sudoku and migraine with aura. I’m a little late but here we go:

February started with a trip to visit my family. I went alone this time and so did my sister and it was like the old times, just four of us. The sons-in-law were at home.  Other than that visit, I couldn’t move to anywhere and was mostly at home. Except the weekends. My training programme was going on and during this time Mr. T was totally devoted to his workplace. As we seriously had too little time for each other, we took advantage of every single freetime we had. It’s sad that you even miss talking to your husband and couldn’t find time for it. 

Mid February, the Valentine’s Day, we celebrate this day, even my parents celebrate it but we do not exchange gift or anything. For us, It’s a good reason to have nice dinner in a nice place and spend some time together. But this year, we were at home and eating our favorite dish: Meatballs and fries. image . Though there was a bouquet of red roses waiting for me at home .image

We finally had a movie date night, it was one of my monthly goals and I’m so happy we found time to see The RevenantI haven’t watched the Oscars yet but I’ll, I’ve recorded it and I’ll only watch it for Leonardo DiCaprio’s speech. But during February, we finished watching Mr. Robot and started to watch Shameless. We also saw The Danish Girl. Our Documentary Wednesdays failed last month because we could only watch The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz. But I have a long list of documentaries for March. 

I couldn’t read much in February but I had my reasons. First I started to solve Sudoku. I hadn’t touched it for a veeery loooong time and when I came across to a difficult puzzle one day, I became addicted again and so did my husband. I was reading You are Here: A Portable History of Universe by Christopher Potter but then I’ve lost it! Yes, I’ve lost my book. I couldn’t find it anywhere till yesterday. I didn’t start to a new one because I was dealing with headaches lately. And now I’ve a fancy named disease : Migraine with aura. Doesn’t it sound cool? Anyway, everything is fine right now and I’ve found my book so I’ll finish it.

I’ve checked our last year’s February recap post and I’ve written there “If there was a word for February, it’d be lazy.” It’s weird, this year February was crazy busy and intense. It was again the month of colourfull socks and one thing that never changes is; We eat like shit. 43 1 53 Funny turnip emoji gifs  Except the breakfast, breakfast is always good and healthy.

March started great, It’s tuesday 13:11 right now, the weather is amazing, I’m on the couch writing this post and my sweetheart is beside me, reading the newspaper. We had a delicious breakfast together, and after a short nap, we’ll go out to buy a birthday present for my mom. We’ll cook tri-colored cheese tortellini with mushroom sauce for dinner and we’re planning to watch a documentary afterwards. The spring is here, I’m happy, I’m healthy and I love my life.

Hope you have the same possitive feelings like me.

Have nice month and happy spring.

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2 thoughts on “February 2016

  1. Sudoku sanırım bünyeye ağır geldi, migren olarak patladı :P
    Ya kitabı en son o migren atagı geldiğinde okuyordum ve dışarıdaydım, tabii ben bunun migren oldugunu bilmediğimden ve aniden görme kaybı yaşadığımdan, o panikle ne yaptıgımı da hatırlayamadım. Çantama attıgımı hatırlıyorum, gerisi yok, eşimin çekmecesinden çıktı :) ama oraya nasıl girdi bilmiyoruz.

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