Winter 2016 Playlist


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I can’t believe we’ve left the winter behind. Even thinking it and feeling it a little makes me excited and motivates me, though the cold is still here. Well, my most listened songs during winter were generally calming songs. There were a few anoying people that I had to deal with and what can be a better way than good and calm music to move away from their bullshit? 

Snow by Red Hot Chili Peppers.


I don’t Know Why by The Talking Bugs.

And my top 15;

    A Lady Of A Certain Age – The Divine Comedy

    Happy Together – Spin

    All of This and Nothing – Dave Gahan & Soulsavers

    Ne me Quitte Pas – Maysa

    The Road To Madalay – Robbie Williams

    Lotus – R.E.M.

    Leyla – Zuhal Olcay

    Tango – Zuhal Olcay

    Breathe – Blu Cantrell

     Give Me One Reason – Tracey Chapman

    Karma –  Alicia Keys

    Six Days – DJ Shadow

    Down By The Water – PJ Harvey

    Never Ever – All Saints

    No Regrets – Robbie Williams



2 thoughts on “Winter 2016 Playlist

  1. Zuhal Olcay çıktı içimden geçen ay, Oyuncu albumu hele, çocukluğuma gittim gittim geldim :) Şu aralar da İlhan İrem ❤
    Valla kazık kadar insanların hala pasif-agresif davranışlarını görebilmek şaşırtıcı, hatta tam bir hayal kırıklıgı. Saçma salak hayatlar :)

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