Fuck That

Lately, I was -again- searching for meditation techniques. I said again because I was a good meditator when I was in college but one day something scared me and I gave up. But I think I need to restart because living in this country can very easily drive you crazy if it hasn’t murdered you yet…

Anyway, I came up with this amazing and hilarious meditation video while gazing around. I tell you, this is my new alarm for the mornings, it’s amazing! You can find the longer version here

“Take in a deep breath … now breathe out. Just feel the fucking nonsense float away. 

Take full, deep breaths. Breathe in strength, breathe out bullshit…”

2 thoughts on “Fuck That

  1. Ben iç huzurdan o kadar uzakta kalmışım ki meditasyon, zen ve daha nicesi kurtaramaz herhalde.

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