Wise Words



4 thoughts on “Wise Words

  1. Really glad to be here.
    One and only..uh..how can i say..linear algebra ! Ahahahaha. Arguably the most ridiculous lecture I’ve ever seen. But frankly, I use those techniques a lot :/ To be honest my favorite -elective- class was discrete mathematics but in my field none of us care about graph theory since we are not computer engineers. Bloody contradictions. Poor me :p

  2. Ooo we’ve engineers among us, welcome welcome :)
    Haha which class was it? My husband has a similar story to yours but he scored 90 :P

  3. Well said ! :) Nevertheless assumptions are essential in engineering :p I still remember that day. I passed an exam by making assumptions for each question :D After the session, my instructor took the paper and just smiled :D I guess I got 40 out of 100 points. Not so bad huh ? :D

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