March 2016

Is a human being able to feel 1564 different emotions in a month? If you are living in my country, it’s very likely…

March 2016 started A M A Z I N G! Because Mr. T was at home for 4 days. I love how he surprises me by taking a few days off and spends time with me after a long marathon of overwork. Plus, we couldn’t even have a breakfast together for 3 months because of my training programme at the weekends. So it was time for magnificent breakfasts and quality one-to-one timeimage

One thing for March is, I had an haircut. I now have “lob hair” and I’m loving it. Infact, it’s not a radical hair change like I used to have before because I’m really enjoying it long lately . Though I don’t have thick and extremely long hair, I had some suspicions about that migrane attack I had last month might be triggered by it. I’m beyond happy and feeling good with my new lob. 

Before we visited our parents, I had taken my exam for that training programme I’ve been talking about. After 3 months and just after my horrible migraine days I took that exam and I passed. Well, It was unfortunate I couldn’t study because of headaches but when you are super smart like me, you pass anyways(You are now in the intense humbleness zone).

And the family visit was -once again- nice and delicious. I love our family traditions and the time we spend together. I’m planning another visit in April but this time to the other members of the family. 

I always say I don’t put politics on the table here. If you follow world news, you’re already informed about the heartbreaking times we’re going through. Among all the attacks, victims and vileness, one thing that really upsets me: People can still make ignorant and heartless comments and inferences about these disasters.  I seriously can not find anything to say about these people. I only thank God that I’m not one of them and I don’t have a poisonous heart that is full of hatred. 

During March, the weather was comme ci comme ça. But it’s still freezing my ass in the mornings when I go to the pool. We were at home -like everyone told us, especially our parents- so I spent some time to rearrange a few things like the frames and prints. Also a college friend of mine came to visit so I had the chance to reorganize the guest room before she arrived. Spring is around the corner and that means → spring cleaning. I have to make a to-do list and go over every single room. But there’s still time for that.

Because of the overload reading for the class, I couldn’t even hold the book I was reading. But finally a few days ago I finished You are Here: A Portable History of the Universe by Christopher Potter. I now continue to read Body Language 101 because I’ve been trying to finish it since September and I really want to strike it off from my list. And after that, I want to retrieve my old reading pace because so far I could only read 4 books in 2016. 

And due to our Shameless addiction, we watched only one documentary this months; Zeitgeist: Addendum. I have a very long list as I mentioned before but It’s impossible for us to see them all because most of the documentaries are too long and Mr. T is mostly too tired. We have a 14 hour long documentary in our list, if we start watching now, maybe we can finish it by the end of 2016.

Now that summer is bit by bit appraoching, of course we’re alarmed about the weight we gained during winter time. We did better than the last month but not good enough. So April will be the month of clean eating and dirty training. 

I have some goals for the month of April;

imageA family visit.

imageBake (healthy) cookies.

imageHave a picnic (if the weather is fine).

imageHave a movie date night.

imageHave a theatre date night.

imageFinish the damn book.

That was our March 2016 recap. It was a heartbreaking month but also a month that sadly made us to appreciate everyone and everything we have…


4 thoughts on “March 2016

  1. “(You are now in the intense humbleness zone).” Ağladım şuan :D Mart ayının güzel bir şekilde geçtiğine sevindim; benim de kendimce güzeldi. Tabii bu kadar elem dolu bir dünyada ne kadar mutlu olabilirsek o kadar güzeldi. Hiç belgesellere gelemiyorum nedense.

  2. Hahah bu yazımda da mütevazı kişiliğim yine ön planda :P
    Ya ben de aslında hep ağlıyorum izlerken, içim şişiyor, diyorum Jüpiter çık yörüngeden, bin tepemize, sil bizi ama öğrendiklerimi de hiçbir şeye değişmem, o ayrı.

  3. Şöyle, Otoyol Cehennemi ve geçmişten Kıyameti Bekleyenler’i seviyorum fakat onun dışında hayvan belgeselleri (dayanamıyorum böyle aslanın annesi ölüyor, veya ceylanı yiyorlar filan) ve uzay işleri daraltıyor :/ Normalde uzaya merakım var. Hatta zamanında ufo deneyimim de oldu (kimseye inandıramıyorum!); gördüğümden hiç şüphem yok.

  4. Ay oha daha bu sabah düşündüm bu konuyu, Hakan ile benim de garip birer deneyimimiz var, ikimizin de olmasının garipliğini düşünüyordum ki aramıza hoş geldin hehe :) Ben zaten kimseye anlatmamıştım Hakan benimle paylaşana kadar zira insanların tepkileri malum.

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