It’s Challenge Time Day:3-4-5 and 6

3. What’s in your purse?

Yesss, the ultimate blogger question (specially for female ones).

photo (2)

I normally use backpacks but lately I’m taking this bag wherever I go. I have my wallet (as every person do), my keys, my phone with me all the time. The book that I’m reading is always but always with me in my bag. If I don’t have it, I have my Sudoku book. And my headphones. Because you know, annoying noises are everywhere. My book (or Sudoku book) and my headphones are my best friends if I’m using public transportation. I also carry my lip balm everywhere, If you have dry lips, you totally get me. I don’t carry makeup in my bag, I just take the lipstick I wear that day if I don’t forget. Also my little perfume bottle -again- if I can remember to take. And lastly, tissues and my sunglasses. 

4. People/Things/Products you can not live without.

I’ll totally sound like a narcissist asshole to you but I’m a rational person, Ok? Humankind is selfish, you can live without your loved ones, your family, your spouse. That’s a fact but how you can live is up to you. You can live without your car, your phone, your bed… As long as you can provide your physiological needs, you survive (Maslow was here…). 

The one thing I can not live without is me. Myself. The real me inside my head, my body. I don’t know what to call it, the presence?, the soul?, God? I have no idea so I call it “me”. The “me” that constantly wants to improve, that searches for my potential, that wants to get better each day, wants to be the best of the best version of myself and that fights with my ego fearlessly.

That may sound weird and selfish or really narcissist but I seriously can not imagine my life without that “me”. Find your “me” and love her/him. 

5. What do you collect?

Nothing. Though I have a serious emotinal attachment problem to some of the things I own, like my old toys or stuffed animals or things with memories, I don’t collect anything. But the one thing I love to hold and look and want to have a lot, also hate to share is my books. Ok, our books. Do you kiss your books? I do. I don’t want anyone to touch them except my husband and my sister. 

Yes, this challenge shows what an horrible and selfish woman I am… (LIC…)

6. Which animal would you have as a pet?

I’d just want our baby boy back.

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