It’s challenge time Day: 11

What are your weaknesses?

The painful part of a self-SWOT analysis is always “the weaknesses”. Being brutally honest to yourself is hard, at least for me. But in the end, it all worth it. I think one should always know his/her weaknesses and always be in the process of improving himself/herself.

I sure have some weaknesses I’ve been dealing with. I don’t hate them or trying to get rid of them because they are part of the things that made me who I am today. I accepted them with open arms. But for the last couple of years, I’m also wide open to smooth those edges and shape these weaknesses for my own benefit and I definitely can say I’m doing good at it. 

Last night I asked my husband to tell me my top weaknesses he thinks I own. As always, he told me “You can not take criticism so well”. This is something he keeps telling me from the day we’ve met and something I never accept. And ofcourse I flipped and he said “See, even now you can’t take it and go crazy”. 

When I thought it over, I think he might be right. As I mentioned before, lately I’ve been literally studying on myself and my personality. Therefore, I’ve been reading and learning a lot and having chance to observe and examine myself. What I want to say is, all this time I didn’t accept his remark about me because I was’t this deeply conscious about my own self. Now that I’m more aware of me, I think I’ve found the main reason why I’m so sensitive to criticism. (The moment of enlightment!!!) So, thanks to this challenge I now have an issue to analyse (which is a good thing because my middle name could be analyse or Annalise… Yes, that was cheesy…)

Anyway, the keynote of this story is STOP CRITICIZING PEOPLE AND MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!

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