It’s challenge time Day: 14

What is your hidden talent?

For today’s question, my own answer was ready but last night I asked my husband “Do you think of anything that could be my special talent?” He immediately answered back: “Knowing the lyrics of all the songs in the entire world”.

I’ve never thought it as a special talent but seriously I can memorize song lyrics super easily even in languages I don’t know. I even surprise myself. With this talent, I achieved so many things in my life so far. I am who I am today thanks to this amazing talent of mine…

My other hidden talents are; I can write super silly and quirky poems. Yesss! God, how amazing of me??? But no joking, I passed my French Litterature final exam with the highest score by adapting  a newspaper article and writing a poem, do I need to say more?

I can also write my own wacky lyrics to some really wacky songs, Especially to my husband to express my love for him so we can laugh our asses off whenever I sing. 

And lastly, I can create amazing playlists. So amazing that you shit on your pants.

So you can see, I’m the real deal. 

0542 25 The devil chicken emoticons download #.4 Chicken Emoticons chicken emoji


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