April 2016

may 2016

April 2016 was greeeeennnn! So there is a green burst and a long post below.

First of all, I’m feeling happy that spring is here. My mood instantly changes when I see the sun in the mornings. The green around our building makes it even better. Although It rains here while I’m writing this post, knowing that summer is just around the corner is enough for me. 

April 2016 was a fun and socially active month for us. Early in the month, I went to Bursa to visit my aunt. The weather was very tempting so after days following my trip, I was determined to have a short get-away with my Mr. T. But until that day, we were already out and about. 

In the first half of the month, we tried a few new restaurants. Actually I tried Mexican food for the first time. I’m ok with it as long as the dish is based on vegetables. Other than that, there’s no way. Also these 15 days were the most unhealthy days of our lives. We ate out, we ate a lot and the worse, after every meal we had dessert. We were horrible. But now we’re doing good, we haven’t eaten out for two weeks now and we cut the sweet treats. Besides I did a simple detox during a week. I’ll be honest, It was a pain in the ass eating very little and super healthy after all those junk foods.

A theatre date was one of my monthly goals in April and we did it! We went to see The play “The Method” (Untill now I didn’t know there was a movie adapted from the play). Although my expectations were not high, I did like the play. It was a fun night.

We couldn’t have a movie date, in fact we couldn’t find a good movie to watch. I didn’t want to pay money to see Ben Affleck’s half-ass Batman jaw. We watched Shamless as usual and also watched The Big Short. I regreted to see it a bit late. Previously we watched Capitalism: A Love Story and Zeitgeist: Addendum, so we were quite aware of the concept. This would be a great combo if you haven’t seen the movie yet. And once again, Christian Bale

We were mostly in front of the TV to play Rise Of the Tomb Raider. Yess, finally sweet husband bought me the game and as I promised I’m not playing like a 15 year old teenager without blinking my eyes.  Our other activity was puzzles. We completed a small one just in 2 days and went to buy another the same day. Yes, puzzles are our new obsession.

Aaaand the books. I FINALLY finished reading The Body Language 101. May I hear the applause, please? In addition to it, I’ve finished reading The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle and started reading Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl. It was World Book Day on April 23rd so happy belated World Book Day!

At the end of the month, Mr. T. again took 2 days off and surprised me so we went to Bolu. It. was. unbelievable. And unbelievably green. I have no idea why we haven’t visited there before.

photo 5 (3)

Seriously why did we keep ourselves away from nature and green so long? We realised it when we got there. Being in the middle of these greenness and fresh air was like magic and so refreshing. As it was a weekday, it was so calm and quiet, we didn’t want to leave.

photo 5 (2) photo 4 (6) photo 4 (5)

Looking all these photos urges me to have a long picnic day very soon. I hope we can.

Our April was great. When writing these monthly recaps, I realise we are so lucky. We are so lucky we have eyes to see all these beauty of Earth and so lucky we withness and experience this world… Taking just a few minutes and being in the present while listening to the nature around you really makes a different. It’s like, charging your soul. 

From me to you, happy flowery May!

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