It’s challenge time Day: 17

Your Zodiac sign.

Although it’s not considered scientific, I do believe in astrology. We are part of an unbelievably prodigious solar system and I think it would be crazy to ignore or deny its effect on living organisms. But again, it’s my opinion…

It appeals me but I do not know much about zodiac signs and their characteristics. I only look for mine and my loved one’s. I also find it weird when people brag about their zodiac signs. Seriously? 7.5 billion people on Earth and you think being a Gemini makes you important? Go get a life…

I’m a Virgo and I can say I have most of the characteristics -good & bad- that Virgos are supposed to have. I do believe these characteristics firmly shaped my personality type because both traits are almost the same. 

I don’t want to sound like that kind of people I mentioned above but there’s one thing I like about my sign; Virgo is the only female sign in the Zodiac. And I believe it does a have  strong effect on some basic personality traits. 

And just like Jacques A. Bertrand said in Tristesse de la Balance et Autres Signes, 

La Vierge n’a pas tort. La Vierge a souvent raison, la Vierge est rapidement insupportable…

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