It’s challenge time Day: 18-19 and 20

What was the first concert you attended?

It was in 1997, I was 15 and It was a Pentagram concert. It was a no age restriction show but It was at night time so my parents agreed to let me in one condition: “If your sister comes with you”. She jumped on the idea because she had a boyfriend back then where the concert took place. She left me and my friends at the entrance and warned me not to drink too much. It was an amazing night (I was 15!) though I can’t remember the end of the month, not because I was drunk but I’m getting old and can’t remember things!

Share a photo with your latest purchase.

In terms of clothing, I bought a few t-shirts a few weeks ago. My favorite among them ↓

Where do you wish to live?

Ahhh the best question of this challenge. I came across with “Deep Cove” while watching The Cedar Cove. It’s in Vancouver and I have no idea what fascinated me but I just wanted to step into the screen and be a part of this beautiful place. I can live there forever.

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2 thoughts on “It’s challenge time Day: 18-19 and 20

  1. Öf çok sakin duruyor orası :D Sıkıntıdan patlarım. Kargaşa gürültü lazım bana. Fazla huzurlu yerlerde daralırım. T-shirt <3

  2. Bir introvert’ün hayallerinden sadece bir introvert anlar :) T-shirt valla ben de kalp, iki tane aldım hatta.

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