It’s challenge time Day: 30

The final question; Why did you start blogging and what is the meaning behind your blog name?

I explained here, About This Blog page, why I started Boredom Is Fun Sometimes. When it comes to my blog’s name, you’d say I was bored and inspired by this boredom bla bla bla but no. First of all;

Thanks Louis C. K. for articulating my thoughts and  feelings. In 2009 I had been living in a new city and had started to a new job and been living all alone and away from all my friends and family. I was missing them so I wasn’t looking forward to mingle or socialize in this new city. As an introvert, I was totally happy all alone there. People kept asking me “Oh aren’t you bored? It must be boring being all alone…” I was trying to explain these people by saying, “No, I’m totally OK with it, I love being alone and what you call boredom is my happiness so you know, sometimes boredom is fun for some people“. Today my scientifique answer for them is “I’m making my own energy from within and not deriving it like you from other people so I don’t need people around me as you do (which, both conditions are totally normal and acceptable).

And believe me, some people never get bored, some people are 100% happy and satisfied being all alone, some people can go on for days without any interaction, some people don’t have the need to talk. I know because I’m one of them and boredom is fun sometimes :)

2 thoughts on “It’s challenge time Day: 30

  1. I am smiling while reading this because I totally get your point Fatos. Solitude can be a gift. Like when you are shopping or going to the mall and you don’t have to worry about the other person you’re with because your just with the most comfortable person to be with, that is your self :)

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