Five Things J’adore

It’ been awhile since I last gathered a Five Things J’adore post so I wanted to share one after this long break as a warm up.

5 things jadore

#1. BEE PASTEL JACKET is something everyone dreams of who loves pastels. It is listed as a jacket but I think it’s more of a raincoat than a jacket. It’s from Dog Dog

#2. THINGS WILL WORK OUT PIN is a must-have for me. Lately I’m obsessed with pins, like I was once before, and looking for original pins everywhere. For me, pins and badges have always been genunine accessoires. This one is from People I’ve Loved.

#3. CLOCK CROSSBODY BAG somehow reminds me of White Rabbit’s clock, that’s why I was appealed by it. From NewChich.

#4. WTF T-SHIRT is something I need nowadays because I’ve been eating super clean and healthy for a while and I NEED FOOD. I’m happy with the results and everything but there’s still a monster inside me that shows up from time to time and says “Fuck it, you deserve a giant greasy hamburger“. DIE MONSTER DIE!!! T-shirt is an Etsy found.

#5. KIEHL’S CREAMY EYE TREATMENT is actually I bought last month. I’ve been looking for an eye cream and had heard and read about this one and I decided to give it a shot. So far I’m very pleased with the results. Though it’s not an anti-aging product, It really made a difference in my skin. I don’t have serious under eye problems so if you’re like me, you should try before switching to a more serious treatment. From Kiehl’s.


2 thoughts on “Five Things J’adore

  1. The jacket is sooooo cute! Reminds me of the webtoon series “Bee & Puppycat” that is made with pastel love ❤

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