June 2016


jul 2016

I can’t believe we are already halfway through 2016. I know I sound like your mother but it’s crazy.

Everything was calm and quiet for us in the first half of the month. The weather was flip flops so we mostly hung out at home, doing what? Playing Rummikub and doing puzzles. When the weather was fine, we enjoyed the sun in the green whenever we had the chance, though it’s really difficult to be in the nature in the city.

We are now doing out fourth puzzle. It’s seriously our favorite activity lately. After dinner, we take our tea or coffee and sit down to it for hours. It’s really like a meditation for me and I have a long list of famous puzzles to make.

photo (19) photo 3 (20)

photo 5 (10)

In the middle of the month we went to Istanbul. We hadn’t been there together since the new year time. So it was nice to spend time there together and wander around and also seeing friends. After four days Mr.T left me all alone and went back to Ankara. I had to stay 5 more days because my sister and her husband were in Germany so my initial mission was to baby sit my furry nieces and nephews.♥ Cathing up with friends was a great bonus though.

While baby sitting and trying not to melt away, I had to chance to have my hair cut and add a little pink touch. After coming back to Ankara, we went out at night after a looooong break. It felt like it had been 10 years since we last went out to listen to live music so this summer we are pledged to night outs and sweet cocktails. 530 18 crazy chicken emoticons download Chicken Emoticons chicken emoji
photo 2 (21)

During June, we behave and ate super healthy. Except a few cheat meals and sweet treats we did really good. Especially I’m so proud of my husband about how he can keep up with me, with the way I’ve been trying to change my eating habbits. 

photo 1 (23)

photo 2 (24)

photo 5 (8) photo 1 (21)

photo 4 (18)

During travelling, outings and eatings we only could watch only one movie; Me and Earl and the Dying Girl. But we saw every single episode of Game Of Thrones‘ latest season, also continued to watch the previous seasons. I finished reading Comment Gérer Les Personnalités Difficiles, and started Imperium

For July I want to enjoy the summer to the fullest, go out every night even if it’s for a walk or ice cream dates, try new summer recipes, lots of iced coffee breaks and family time. 

Try to stay alive and have an amazing July. 0928 33 The devil chicken emoticons download Chicken Emoticons chicken emoji

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