July 2016

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Happy August everyone! 

I can’t find a word for July 2016 when I think of all the things that keep going on in this country. But we’re alive, we’re healthy so I think I can say July was good. 

Though my 10 days were spent mostly in bed and doing nothing, I did enjoy July. We went to visit our families for the religious feast holiday at the beginning of the month. I always say, time spent with family is no doubt the best and worth every second. This time we stayed almost 10 days and it was fun and great. Do I have any photos that belongs to these 10 days? No. Because I realized we all forget to take photos when we are all together. We usually take some in family birthday parties because thank God it comes to someone’s mind somehow but other than that sin foto de familia. I think this is what they call “quality time” and I’m extremely happy we have this thing in our family. But from now on, I pledged to take at least a few photos as souvenir. 

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After 10 beautiful days with the families, we didn’t have hard time to get back to our old routine. Our pool is opened so I usually spent my days reading by the pool and seriously it’s my favorite place to read now and it’s where I read really efficiently because with my headphones in my ear I can read for hours and when you are at home there’s always something to do. So me imageheart summer reading by the pool. 

So, my sick and vain days. When the things started heating up here in Turkey, I suddenly got sick and had to take antibiotics and vitamins etc. I had fever and was feeling really weak that I had to do nothing for another 10 days. It was weird being that sick in summertime but I think it was a sign that I was doing some things wrong so that now I’m much more cautious about what I eat, what I wear or how much I sweat. 

But the next 10 days were awesome. This summer’s favorites are; affogatos, iced coffees and balcony breakfasts. Also spotifying and playing Rummikub in balcony are other activities we enjoy after dinner. By the way I again had an haircut this month and I’m feeling incredible with my new hair. Once again I understood long hairstyles are my biggest nightmare. 

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We again did super well when it comes to eating. Even during the days we were with our families. Actually we only ate out once or twice this month. I reall appreciate both of us for changing our eating habbits. I hope this never changes and lasts forever. 

We now have a new obsession; Animal Kingdom. After Game of Thrones we wanted to start to a new series and kept looking for it. I don’t know how I came up with Animal Kingdom but I’m glad I did because it is really really good. 

We finally watched a documentry; That Sugar Film. It’s a great and also fun documentary and I highly recommend it even if you are not into healthy living or healthy eating. It sure did effect us, especially Mr. T. We also saw a movie that we were longing to see; Trumbo. Dalton Trumbo and Bryan Cranston. Do I need say more? And just last night, we have seen Now You See Me.

movie july

During July, I’ve read two books; Imperium by Christian Kracht and  Games People Play: The Psychology of Human Relationships by Eric Berne. I recently started reading Beyond the Power of Your Subconscious Mind by C. James Jensen. I know I made a summer reading list and I’m not on track but I couldn’t help it and did a little book shopping again and I want to read my brand new books. 

Tomorrow starts a new month. Despite all the things that are happening, I’m feeling pretty good. I’m reading a lot, I’m listening to good music a lot, I’m not watching TV at all and not spending time on the internet except liking food and animal photos on Instagram. I’m enjoying every single minute that I can spend with my loved ones. 

I wish everyone a sane, healthy and happy August!

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