August 2016

August 2016 will always be the month that bitterly reminds me not to delay anything in life…

On the first day of August we left for our summer vacation which I’ll write about later. We spent 10 great days in my favorite place in Turkey; Datça. Bone warming sun, crystal clear sea, high carb lunches, good books, good music and my one and only. These are my essentials for an ideal summer holiday.

The following days were spent in Karamursel where my parents live. Actually I wasn’t going to write about it but then I changed my mind because life happens, good or bad, happy or sad. And this is where I document our lives of course with all that happy or sad times. My grandma has passed away. It was out of nowhere and everyone was devastated. But I don’t want to write or talk a lot about it.

I couldn’t keep track of the following days. We got back home. Home is always good. Home heals and life really goes on. By the end of the month, we went to Istanbul as we were invited to our friend’s wedding. It was super nice to see old friends. 

This month’s recap may seem depressed but actually everything is fine. Sure I’m still sad but this is life and death is what is going to happen to all of us without any exception. 

I’m beyond grateful for the amazing summer vacation we had with my husband this year. Tomorrow starts a new month -My favorite month of the year-. I hope to write and share more in September. 

Have a nice September and enjoy Autumn.

And Nena, I know and I’m sure you are in peace now because I asked for a sign that you’re ok and you sent me three of them. And after I saw you smiling in my dream, I’m more than sure now. We all love you and miss you. 

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